June Progress Report for Patreon

Making lots of headway over on  Patreon! Read below for the current progress report!

Currently available for just a single dollar a month!

  • Jax Denek’s story – a SciFi tale of a Tanner on the hunt for illegal weapons
  • Perpetual War, a three-part short, showing different perspectives of a never-ending war
  • Three chapters of book 2, introducing Dorn, Zorn, and Zak
  • Cat Collector print and play game for parties, collect the most cats to win
  • A solo print and play board game where you need to defend against an onslaught of enemies

In the coming weeks I plan to release even more great content for supporters!

  • The entirety of Book 1, professionally edited, proofread, formatted, and a fancy cover!
  • New versions of the solo board game
  • More chapters for Perpetual War and Jax Denek
  • Other short stories as they come to my head

I also plan to release early content for those who support me at three dollars or more per month!

  • An alpha version of a print and play game called Dungeon Dice Monster (Available now)
  • An old version of my book so you can see how things have changed over the years (Available now)
  • Prototypes of the expansions getting added to the solo board game
  • Character bios, outlines, other rough draft ideas (some already available)

If you are not a fan of Patreon then there is still good news ahead!

  • Book 1 will be available for purchase in July on Amazon and enrolled in KU! (I missed the June target, but trust me it’s worth the wait)
  • You can still see some of the content I am releasing over on my Twitter and Facebook where I am making more frequent updates
  • Book 2 is planned for a Winter release
  • My current goal is to keep working hard on the solo board game and turn it into a physical game with high production quality

What is ahead?

  • Expect posts on this site once a month with a summary of everything releasing!
  • Be sure to sign up to the newsletter to the right to get detailed reports, if you prefer email –>
  • I aim on releasing some of the exclusive content on Patreon to this site, stay tuned!

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Author of the on-going serial "Perpetual War"

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