New Content Releasing!

Wanted to give you all an update! A lot has happened over on my Patreon!

Currently available for just a single dollar a month!

  • The next chapter of Jax Denek
  • Book 1 up to chapter 11
  • A newly edited and changed prologue for book 2
  • Cat Collector print and play game

In the coming weeks I plan to release even more great content for supporters!

  • The entirety of Book 1, edited by a professional editor, it’ll be super fancy and far superior to any of the current chapters on this site!
  • New versions of Cat Collector based on feedback
  • More chapters for Jax Denek
  • Other short stories as they come to my head

I also plan to release early content for those who support me at three dollars or more per month!

  • An alpha version of a print and play game called Dungeon Dice Monster (Available now)
  • An old version of my book so you can see how things have changed over the years (Available now)
  • An alpha version of a tower defense print and play game for solo players
  • Any other rough drafts and outlines as I create them

If you are not a fan of Patreon then there is still good news ahead!

  • Book 1 will be available for purchase some time in June on popular Ebook sites such as Amazon, Kobo, etc.
  • You can still see some of the content I am releasing over on my Twitter and Facebook where I am making more frequent updates!
  • Book 2 is planned later this year
  • I hope to eventually make one of my print-and-play games become a physical game!

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