Introduction to Characters

Here is the update as promised, this week I introduce the concept of character sheets for Parasite. I’m still messing with the idea and do plan on changing things! The plan for future updates are on the Parasite page. Enjoy!


(Remember these are early concepts and designs for the first prototype being developed, everything is subject to change and is open to any suggestions and criticisms).

In Parasite players act out as different marines on the ship. The current planned marines are Agent, Pilot, Captain, Scientist, Soldier, Technician, and Medic.

Medic copy

Every player will at the start of the game choose a character which each one has strengths and weaknesses. Going from left to right in features for the Medic

1. Health: Every character will start at 20 health.

2. Inventory (boxes): Each character can only carry so much, the Medic has less space and wont be able to carry larger equipment.

3. Stats: Strength, Agility, Intelligence affects the equipment the character can use and each character will start at different numbers depending on their sub-class. Examples of equipment is armor which requires strength, stronger the armor less damage a human can take.

4. First ability (Heal): The medic can boost the effects of medicine such as med-kits and antidotes.

5. Second ability (Fake Health): The medic can use medicine in the wrong way to inflict damage.

6 Third Ability (Full Heal): The medic using the drugs provided from multiple med-kits to put himself in a heightened state and pulse out fumes that are poisonous for non-humans.

Next players then choose the subclass of their character, which each one has three choices. These sub-classes is what gives your character sheet its stats.

Medic_Lier copy Medic_ER copy Medic_Doctor copy

In the case of the medic he can specialize in general healing, making his full heal more powerful and effective in boosting himself, or relying on speed and strength to deliver his medicine in more cruel ways.

Depending on your allies this is where choosing one of these three classes is usually decided as a team to get the best composition.



mix_1_Augment copy mix_4_Augment copy Alien_Infected copy


Then finally the last thing players do is receive a hidden card that decides if they are the alien or human.

Each player keeps these cards secret but use the stats to further augment their character.

After that is done all players are ready to begin the next steps of set-up with their unique characters.

(The Alien should place 3 points it’s a typo and all the 1’s are 0’s)

With so many variations it allows players to make unique custom classes and mess with different strategies to achieve victory.

As the game progresses players will use tools and upgrades to improve their character or in the case of the alien advance evolution until finally growing strong enough to confront the humans whether it’s by brute force or hiding within the shadows of the metal corridors.

Thank you for reading, expect another update next week!

(Remember these are early concepts and designs for the first prototype being developed, everything is subject to change and is open to any suggestions and criticisms).

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