Welcome to Card Forge Games!

Welcome newcomers, Kickstarter fans, and Lords of the Dice fans! This website is going to serve as a place for me to post all my original work with a big focus on the board game I am currently designing.


For those who came from Kickstarter you know Cat Collector did not get funded. I would love to go back to that game in the future, however my current plan is to create a new board game idea that I have messed around with for the past few months nicknamed ‘Parasite’.

This board game will be in the genre of deduction games where you must figure out the traitor while trying to survive. I’m taking inspirations from a bunch of games in the genre and outside such as Battlestar Galactica and Eldritch Horror while mixing in my own ideas to create something unique. You’ll be seeing many designs in the coming weeks and I’d be glad for any suggestions or critiques on what I post to help improve the game. You are welcome of course to just watch and enjoy the show!

Additionally I have worked on a book for some time now, I have already finished the first book, however I have gone back to it and decided to bring it to the quality of writing I do now. I plan on updating it and hiring a professional editor to make it as perfect as possible. I have already posted the first chapter for you all to read and you can expect more excerpts to come along before the first and second book are released.

Finally I also have written short stories in my spare time and if you have been to my other blog at Lords of the Dice you’ll have already read some of those stories. For those who don’t know my other blog is where I post stories I created from playing board games. I also have posted original short stories there which I have now moved to this website. You can still expect stories from games on Lords of the Dice, however any original short stories I write will be posted here instead.

Updates are usually Thursday or Friday here so be sure to check back and thank you all for the support so far!

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